Medium:Single-channel video
Size/Duration:1920×1080 pixel, 1080p ∕ 1’ 05

In my series of works inspired by the video game, SimCity, this particular one was made by first constructing the overall city structure in the game, and then pasting images of Taipei’s building rooftops on top. The roaming streetlights, in network structure resembling blood veins or nests, or the moving cars and pedestrians are all metaphors of how our daily lives might be a questionable existence condition – such as fixated streetlights and their counting seconds, building patterns that reflect communal living and collective preferences, driving routes recommended by navigation systems, areas either mapped out or restricting entrance, ads recommended based on preferences, friends recommended based on mutual friends…etc. We might be oblivious of living in a day-to-day life that has been customized and structured.