Fablab Dynamic


16m x 16m projection mapping space.

I MBALANCE is a 16 x16m L-shaped large scale immersive interactive mapping project. It transforms Taiwan’s prehistoric culture through new media art and pull out the archaeological metaphor of the building’s ontology, altogether form a ritual-like permanent exhibition.

    The sound design is composed of natural environment, vocals, drum, synthesizer, interweaving a magnificent soundscape, which is played from the eight-channel speakers in the venue, and the reverberation space of the serpentine wall surface of the field is displayed, creating the rich layers and three-dimensionality of the sound.

Appeal point

  • Reinterprets prehistoric culture through contemporary art

  • L-shaped interactive participatory light mapping project

  • The audience as a cultural carrier and part of the work

  • Special reverberation space sound design

  • Fiducial Tracking System

  • Infrared Optical Real-Time Motion Detection

  • Combine with 3D artifact point-cloud scanning database

TThe work also integrates a variety of sensing technologies, such as Fiducial Tracking System, Infrared Optical Instant Motion Detection and Special Spatial Reverberation Design. The viewer’s movement and relative distance of each other will immediately produce images and change the sound as a carrier of cultural narrative about the ongoing land.

  “IMBALANCE” creates a multi-faceted sensory experience that makes the work organic and changeable. It implies the human desire for exploration and movement, and the diversity of contemporary culture.