“If the world is a giant projection, then, the truth we see is a combination of projections contributed by the inner mindsets of many people; if we form a circle with our fingers, what we see through it may also be our illusion”
Besides works by Taiwanese artists and illustrators, the exhibition will show works by artists from Japan, Korea, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macao and Spain. The concepts of the exhibition are “township”, “architect” and “space” with works from visual arts such as illustrations, design, art and new media. Exhibited works include illustrated manuscripts, CG export, VR application, animation, big-scale art installations, cultural and creative products and publications. Hopefully, via these works visitors will become better acquainted with the complicated relations among space, cities, townships and our living environment.

 Date/Time :106-8-8~106-9-12
 Venue : Exhibition RoomⅠ
 Organizer :National Taiwan Arts Education Center